Secure Your Purchasing with Approval Workflow Software

  • Gain a protective shield against unnecessary spending
  • Offer managers the ability to authorize and validate each order
  • Email notifications and mobile app alerts for approvers
  • Guidance for users to streamline the purchasing workflow
  • Safeguards against unauthorized purchases

Customize Your Approval Workflow

  • Craft your approval workflow to fit your business needs. 
  • Automate your approval hierarchy for ease and efficiency
  • Assign approvals on a variety of documents such as purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, or expenses
  • Set approvals based on amount thresholds, item category, project, and/or department
  • Develop a unique approval process with an automated workflow sequence

Customizable Approval Workflows – As Simple or Detailed as You Need

Hierarchy Levels in Approval Process Workflow

  • Establish multiple, flexible hierarchy stages for each approval workflow process. 
  • Approvals are withheld until approvers from the previous hierarchy give their consent
  • The approval process follows a structured and secure pathway

Approval Criteria Customization

  • Personalize your approval criteria based on departments, categories, projects, amount thresholds, etc.
  • Customize approval workflow on any type of document
  • Establish templates for efficient document approval

Instant Notifications for Approvals

  • Get notified about required approval actions via email, mobile, and system alerts
  • Approval hierarchies do not send notifications to higher tiers until lower tiers give their approval
  • Document approval is streamlined and due dates are never missed

User Exemptions in Approval System

  • Users can bypass the approval requirements of one or more approval rules
  • Approvers can optionally be required to give approval, even on their own documents
  • The approval process can be tailored based on user permission and preference
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How does the approval workflow system help in reducing procurement errors?
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