Eliminate the constant challenges faced by educators doubling as purchasing managers. Simplify budget tracking and control spend with Tradogram.

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Disjointed requisition and approval processes, a lack of cross-departmental collaboration, and minimal transparency make schools and universities particularly vulnerable to spending waste. Eliminate these challenges with a centralized education procurement system.

Spend More Time Educating, Not Sourcing Materials

Save time by eliminating internal bottlenecks caused by manual processes


Improve Collaboration and Expand Spend Visibility

Gain 100% spend visibility across all departments

Eliminate Maverick Spending and Reduce Costs

Establish a custom approval process that prevents rouge purchases


With so many departments operating at the same institution, all with different procurement requirements, the need for improved supply chain solutions and processes has never been greater. Mandates often require staff to purchase the cheapest materials possible.

91% of spending goes to top 20% of vendors

Educators often purchase from the same vendor every time so they can get back into the classroom.
Source: National Association of Educational Procurement

Tunnel-Vision Spending

Due to time constraints, little effort goes into finding the best materials, from the best vendors, at the best price.

38% of purchases made with pCards

The lack of cohesive sourcing approval processes plagues universities and schools.
Source: National Association of Educational Procurement

Maverick Spending Runs Rampant

When department heads can order supplies on their purchasing cards, internal organization goes out the window, while spending becomes impossible to track.

45% of spending in institutional silos

Universities can team up and reduce costs by ordering together. Most do not.
Source: National Association of Educational Procurement

Poor Collaboration Plagues the System

It’s a clear sign that educators are constantly pressed for time and need ways to lighten the load.

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Features on Tradogram are easy to use. It’s nice to look at and the customer support is superb. The vendor portal is very helpful and easy for our vendors to create online invoices

Jeanne Hlebo
Vendor Relations Coordinator, Compass Charter Schools

Tradogram is really an outstanding system. It’s very intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use. The Tradogram team provides great customer service, which is also a huge bonus for us. It delivers everything we need and more.

Dr. Ali Yallah
Chief Information Officer, River Edge Behavioral Health

Tradogram has transformed the way we operate our organization. I highly recommend talking with them to learn more about the program’s functionality.

Mary Bovee

Executive Director, Age Well Arrowhead

I spent weeks scoping out programs, researching, and doing demos, and Tradogram is like no other and beat all the other programs by a long shot. We are VERY happy Tradogram customers!!

Rachelle P.
Business Systems Administrator, CDG Enterprises


Tradogram’s education procurement software addresses all the pain points above and more. By automating and streamlining every step in the procurement process, we liberate educators to focus their time where it’s needed most.

Quickly Find the Best Supplies at the Best Prices

Manage your suppliers with supplier evaluation scorecards and only deal with the best vendors.

Strategic sourcing management features allow you to negotiate with suppliers for better prices.

Budget management and cost forecasting analysis tools prevent overspending.

Reign in Maverick Spending with Ease

Role-based user permissions let you decide who can actually purchase and who can submit a request.

Approval workflows automatically send purchase requisition orders to specified decision-makers.

An item master catalog provides full transparency into requisitions, minimizing the possibility that two departments are double-ordering.

Collaboration Tools Eliminate Guesswork

Procurement collaboration features, like instant messaging, let users communicate in real-time through the system.

Purchase requisition capabilities combine an unlimited number of items in a single order to achieve economies of scale.

Contract management tools eliminate off-contract spending by directing all orders through established purchasing protocols.


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