Tech companies need to operate efficiently, scale operations, and capture savings to fuel growth. That is why high-growth tech companies choose Tradogram.

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Eliminate traditional procurement challenges faced by tech companies and open the door for rapid growth. Meet Tradogram’s next-gen procurement solution. Procurement management tools reduce costs, eliminate waste, boost efficiency, and allow staff to focus their time where it matters most.

Focus on Product, Not Admin work

Reduce purchase order processing time from days tominutes.


Leverage Value-Based Purchasing

Procurement solutions slash costs by over 20% on average.

Go Paperless & Ensure Compliance

Say goodbye to outdated, manual procurement processes and gain 100% spend visibility.


Efficient and effective procurement management in the technology and software space is crucial. Enterprise tech companies run the risk of overlapping purchases due to teams working in silos. Startups must spend every penny wisely. The right software solution can ensure you avoid the various pitfalls associated with procurement in high-growth tech companies.

Software is the second least profitable industry in the US

After the oil & gas extraction industry, software companies face the most difficult road to success when it comes to turning a profit.
Source: Small Business Trends

Difficulty Maximizing Savings through Procurement

The nature of the tech industry necessitates a carefully calculated approach. Tech and software companies must minimize capital loss and channel as much of it as possible towards development and growth strategies.

Tech companies are focused on innovation, not procurement

Innovation drives tech companies forward. Procurement, in comparison, is often seen as a cumbersome chore.
Source: Spend Matters

Lack of Focus on Procurement

Tech companies don’t tend to spend much time thinking about procurement. They are focused on scaling and growing brand awareness. Unfortunately, scaling a business is exponentially harder if funds are wasted on poor procurement practices.

No cash flow and cost issues to blame for startup failure

Of the top ten reasons startups fail, running out of funds is the second most common. Pricing and cost issues are the fifth most common reason.
Source: Small Business Trends

Businesses Can’t Grow When They Face Cashflow, Pricing, and Cost Issues

Because technology companies are laser-focused on growth, it’s easy to inadvertently overlook wasteful procurement and spending practices, which inevitably leads to cash flow issues.

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Great experience from initial presentation, testing, implementation, and support. Tradogram was very easy to customize and use. Setup and configuration were simple and easy to maintain.

Joel Gerber
SVP Technology, Adheris Health

Tradogram is very simple and user-friendly, and I’d quickly recommend it to other companies in need of an answer to purchasing troubles.

Yasir Rizvi
Regional Head of Procurement, Fetchr

Great tool for ease-of-use, implementation, and output. Works well for us as a small business, can be set up and start to use within a day. Reporting and tracking are in synch with our business needs and is scalable as we grow.

Holly Hidalgo
Procurement, IP Network Solutions

Tradogram has raised our game in terms of purchasing. Key managers now have visibility of spend before committing to it. This allows the right questions to be asked of both the supplier and purchasing departments.

Julian D'Oyley
Head of Financial Accounts, Reed


Tech businesses don’t need to divert valuable resources to procurement processes to eliminate the challenges mentioned above. They need to automate and streamline procurement processes. Once they do that, the cost savings kick in on their own.

​Gaining Full Spend Control and Transparency

With automated purchase orders and approvals routing, Tradogram tracks your purchasing process for complete visibility and accountability.

Expense management capabilities provide transparency around where expenses go and where costs must be further cut.

Ensure Supplies Never Run Out and Are Easy to Find

Advanced inventory controls ensure a constant supply of critical supplies and equipment.

Supplier management features slash costs by identifying the best vendors and prices available.

Greater Transparency and Insight into Spending

Spend analysis tools provide constant insight into spending to keep costs in check.

Budget management features provide maximum purchasing transparency.


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