Master Stock Tracking and Distribution

  • Seamlessly identify stock items and establish individual reorder thresholds
  • Efficiently track stock items
  • Set up personalized reorder points
  • Receive prompt alerts when stock items reach their reorder point

Build an Efficient Distribution Channel

  • Enjoy the freedom of smoothly moving stock items between various locations
  • Transfer stock items seamlessly between different locations
  • Maintain accurate stock records for uncomplicated operations
  • Gain enhanced control over your stock with improved tracking

Simplify Procurement and Inventory Management with Our Stock Control Software and Streamlined Fulfillment Solutions

Monitor Essential Products and Components

  • Cut through the clutter and focus on essential products and components with our stock level feature.
  • Indicate key stock items for focused tracking
  • Make manual adjustments to keep stock information accurate
  • Utilize the receiving module to book-in new stock efficiently

Stay Ahead with Efficient Reorder Points

  • Ensure you always meet demand withTradogram’s reorder point system 
  • Set efficient reorder points for each stock item
  • Receive notifications when quantities drop below a certain threshold
  • Organize necessary item orders from various distribution locations

Seamless Order Fulfillment

  • Simplify the process of fulfilling orders from your existing inventory or through a new purchase order.
  • Fulfill requisition orders with a few clicks
  • Consolidate requisitions on a single purchase order
  • Partially fulfill orders on multiple purchase orders for maximum flexibility

Accurate Booking-In of Stock

  • Easily book-in received items to update your inventory or keep precise records for invoice reconciliation.
  • Update inventory with received items
  • Leave detailed notes when booking in deliveries
  • Document any discrepancies for accurate record-keeping
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