Manufacturers must evolve to remain competitive. Procurement software empowers you to gain visibility into spend and retain a competitive edge.

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Meet Tradogram’s next-gen manufacturing procurement solutions. Adopt sustainable manufacturing processes, make better, data-driven decisions, and combat rising raw material costs with ease.

Meet Consumer Expectations with Sustainable Processes

Reduce purchase order processing time from days tominutes.


Leverage Value-Based Purchasing

Manufacturing purchasing solutions slash costs by over20% on average.

Go Paperless & Ensure Compliance

Say goodbye to outdated, manual procurement processes and gain 100% spend visibility.


Shifting demographics and consumer preferences, combined with the increasing importance of technology and rising procurement-associated costs, are transforming procurement and supply chain management for manufacturers.

72% of manufacturers have an active sustainability policy

An additional 8% are in the process of developing or implementing one.
Source: National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

Shifting to Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

Younger generations of consumers are more socially and environmentally conscious and increasingly want to purchase sustainably sourced products.

The urgent need for data-driven decision making

A lack of standardized data collection and tracking processes leads to disorganized spending and prevents leadership from making informed decisions.

Collecting Reliable Spending Data is an Ongoing Challenge

Consistent and reliable data collection, storage, reporting, and analysis practices, are critical components to making informed decisions in the manufacturing space.

76% say increased raw material costs is their greatest challenge

Over ¾ of NAM’s 14,000 members agree that combating raw material costs is a top priority
Source: National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)

Outdated Administrative Processes

Many healthcare professionals still rely on time-consuming administrative processes, like manually tracking purchases and inventory. This pulls them away from patients and puts lives at risk.

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Working with Tradogram is a breeze. It’s very user-friendly and easy to review a lot of information quickly. Every document is linked automatically, from requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, and even delivery details.

Anna Verdugo
Purchasing Manager, Technical America

Great experience from initial presentation, testing, implementation, and support. Tradogram was very easy to customize and use. Setup and configuration were simple and easy to maintain.

Joel Gerber
SVP Technology, Adheris Health

Tradogram is really an outstanding system. It’s very intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use. The Tradogram team provides great customer service, which is also a huge bonus for us. It delivers everything we need and more.

Dr. Ali Yallah
Chief Information Officer, River Edge Behavioral Health

Tradogram is like no other and beat all the other programs by a long shot. Some site supervisors have never really used a computer in their job, and they were able to create PO’s and understand the system within 30 mins of using it.

Rachelle Page
Business Systems Admin, CDG Enterprises


As we ease further into Industry 4.0, manufacturing processes are changing, and procurement professionals must keep up with the times or fade into obscurity.

Partner with Suppliers Best Suited to Facilitate Sustainable Manufacturing

Supplier management capabilities help you find sustainably sourced materials for the best prices.

Supplier evaluation scorecards ensure the suppliers you partner with are reliable and consistently meet performance expectations.

Ensure Supplies Never Run Out and Are Easy to Find

Advanced inventory controls ensure a constant supply of critical supplies and equipment.

Standardized purchase order workflows eliminate the risk of dirty data by obligating system users to follow set processes and enter necessary data the right way.

Innovative Solutions to Rising Raw Material Costs

Spend analysis reporting tools let decision-makers see where the greatest ROI lays and avoid overspending when it’s not absolutely necessary.

Budget management features provide maximum purchasing transparency.


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