We understand that nonprofits operate with limited budgets. Tradogram helps you devote more resources to your cause. Spend less, impact more.

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Meet Tradogram’s non-profit procurement solutions. Procurement management tools reduce costs, eliminate waste, boost efficiency, and allow staff to focus their time where it matters most.

Devote More Resources to Your Cause

Redirect limited resources to generating better outcomes.


Leverage Value-Based Purchasing

Purchasing solutions slash costs by over20% on average.

Gain 100% visibility into spending

Let your donors see the impact their gifts are making.


Nonprofit procurement is challenging. Organizations must adhere to multiple governmental regulations to maintain their status. Keeping accurate financial records to share with the public is obligatory. Nonprofits must leverage technology to meet these requirements. Unfortunately, many still struggle with technology and the obstacles to digital transformations.

Top Priority: Automated financial reporting

2020 survey data revealed the ability to automate financial reporting was the highest priority for nonprofits
Source: Sage Intacct

Time-Consuming Manual Reporting

When nonprofits are bogged down with time-consuming administrative tasks, like financial reporting, there’s little time left to support the cause they’re devoted to.

Only 16% of nonprofits feel “digitally mature”

Another 2020 survey found that only 16% of nonprofits rate themselves as having a “high” level of digital maturity.

Many Nonprofits Don’t Feel Tech Savvy

This often stems from a perception that advanced software systems are difficult to use. However, modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions are incredibly intuitive and user-friendly.

86% of nonprofits struggle with data collection

Automated data collection features in modern e-procurement solutions do the job for you.

Inability to Collect Accurate Performance Data

When procurement project data is manually collected and stored, human error is always a risk. Automated data collection eliminates that risk.

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Tradogram has transformed the way we operate our organization. I highly recommend talking with them to learn more about the program’s functionality.

Mary Bovee

Executive Director, Age Well Arrowhead

Tradogram is really an outstanding system. It’s very intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use. The Tradogram team provides great customer service, which is also a huge bonus for us. It delivers everything we need and more.

Dr. Ali Yallah
Chief Information Officer, River Edge Behavioral Health

In our case, it saved the lives of countless individuals who depend on us to survive. I would highly recommend it to anyone working in sourcing, purchasing, and procurement.

Francisco Ortega
Logistics and Purchasing Manager, Father Joes Villages


Nonprofits often view moving to a digital procurement process as a monumental challenge. The truth is that it’s far easier to learn a new system these days than it was ten years ago. Today’s best nonprofit procurement solutions include built-in workflows that ensure teams follow procurement best practices. Increasing efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenditures, and transparent reporting are a breeze because these systems are built specifically for the non-tech savvy.

Automation Lets Staff Focus Attention Elsewhere

Comprehensive, spend analysis reporting automates data collection and reporting so employees can focus on higher-value tasks.

Supplier management features slash costs by identifying the best vendors and prices available.

Ensure Supplies Never Run Out and Are Easy to Find

Advanced inventory controls ensure a constant supply of critical supplies and equipment.

Automated order management features free up time for staff to focus their energy where it really matters.

Better Donor & Volunteer Relationships

Automated Approval workflows and other time-saving features allow staffers to spend more time nurturing constituent relationships.

Purchase requisition capabilities allow internal ordering to be streamlined and easily tracked.


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