Supply chains for F&B have been shaken to the core. Tradogram is guiding businesses through these changes with simple spend control tools.

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Deal with unpredictable price swings, meet continued demand in the face of resource shortages, and remain profitable using Tradogram’s procurement and supply chain management software.

Don’t Let Massive Price Swings Slow Your Business

Analyze spending per category and work with the best most reliable suppliers.


Remain Profitable in Spite of Forces Working Against You

Gain 100% visibility into spend and cut costs where necessary.

Continue to Meet Demand Regardless of Shortages

Diversify your supplier list and utilize advanced inventory controls


The global pandemic that started in 2020 disrupted loads of industries. Among those hit the hardest was the food and beverage industry. However, it’s bouncing back with the help of innovative technology solutions like Tradogram.

20% increase in shipping costs in three months

Between February and May 2021, the cost per mile of a refrigerated truck—procured to transport food & beverage—rose by one-fifth.
Source: DAT Solutions LLC

Supply Shortages Causing Major Price Fluctuations

“Companies are putting things on sale, or restaurant chains are offering promotions on special items, but then they’re not sure they can get the shipments they need to meet the demand. I’ve never seen anything like it, and there are no indications it’s going to let up anytime soon.” Kerry Byrne, president of Total Quality Logistics LLC

$290 billion missing

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurant and food service sales are down close to $300 billion—when compared to pre-COVID estimates—and 1.7 million jobs have been lost.
Source: National Restaurant Association

Remaining Profitable a Greater Challenge than Ever Before

Changes to the entire F & B industry are serious pain points for thousands of businesses. Roughly 90,000 restaurants in the US remain indefinitely or permanently closed.

44% of restauranters remain optimistic

That’s the percentage that expects average sales to slowly continue to rise after the initial plunge in 2020.
Source: National Restaurant Association

Meeting Demand Now a Significant Challenge

With vaccinations now available, many restaurants are opening back up. And patrons are surprisingly piling in. But how businesses meet this demand with ongoing shortages?

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Great experience from initial presentation, testing, implementation, and support. Tradogram was very easy to customize and use. Setup and configuration were simple and easy to maintain.

Joel Gerber
SVP Technology, Adheris Health

Tradogram is really an outstanding system. It’s very intuitive, easy to learn, and simple to use. The Tradogram team provides great customer service, which is also a huge bonus for us. It delivers everything we need and more.

Dr. Ali Yallah
Chief Information Officer, River Edge Behavioral Health


The show must go on, and F & B business owners must continue to feed their families. For many, this has proved impossible, But Tradogram offers a way to navigate this minefield of unexpected obstacles.

Procure What You Need Despite Shortages

Advanced supplier and sourcing management tools make it easier to identify the suppliers with the food items you need but can’t find anywhere else.

Spend analysis reporting lets food and beverage establishments keep an eye on which items are bleeding the coffers. If those items are experiencing a shortage, take them off the menu temporarily.

Save Costs and Remain Commercially Viable

Automate processes like requisitions, purchase orders, and approvals, freeing up valuable time for restaurant staff.

Additional features like contract management automation and delivery tracking free up more time for staff to spend serving patrons.

Meet Demand by Maintaining a Laser Focus on Inventory

Robust expense management capabilities document and store records of every touchpoint along the supply chain to ensure you remain compliant with restaurant procurement guidelines.

Advanced inventory controls track stock levels so you can order more stock well before your current inventory runs out. Powerful budget features make demand forecasting much easier for food and beverage businesses.


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