Intelligent purchasing automation for construction projects of any shape or size. Build with less spend and better profits.

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The construction procurement software that protects you from material shortages, price fluctuations, and poor communication. Improve data accuracy, project speed, and transparency with Tradogram.

Complete Every Project on Time with no delays

Expedite purchasing and delivery with smart system workflows


Reduce Spending & Come in Under Budget

Source the highest-quality materials at the best prices

Eliminate Concerns about Material Shortages

Advanced supplier lists let you easily locate necessary materials


Procurement methods in construction are overdue for an overhaul. Contractors need better ways to communicate with their teams and stakeholders. Inaccurate data can lead to detrimental consequences. Significant delays can permanently impact your reputation. Price fluctuations and material shortages can derail entire projects.

59% of contractors are placing higher bids on projects

A lack of skilled employees is causing contractors to decline lower-paying jobs and place more work on skilled employees
Source: The US Chamber of Commerce

Lack of Available Skilled Labor

Lack of Available Skilled Labor

82% of contractors say fluctuating prices ’highly’ impact their business

This calls for technology that allows them to skirt vendors selling at extortionate levels
Source: The US Chamber of Commerce

Price Fluctuation on the Rise

The unpredictability of today’s business landscape calls for construction procurement methods that eliminate concerns over rapidly fluctuating prices.

80% of construction projects have experienced delays

Unexpected supply shortages don’t have to bring business to a halt
Source: The US Chamber of Commerce

Inaccurate Data & Delayed Projects

When procurement project data is manually collected and stored, purchase orders go missing, and projects are delayed.

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We employed Tradogram as an integral part of the replacement of our old handwritten & manually intensive Purchase Order system. We have found it to be excellent, cost-effective software, that very capably executes everything we asked for. It does everything we need it to and more.

Paul Ducker
Procurement Manager, Stead Construction

Tradogram is like no other and beat all the other programs by a long shot. Some site supervisors have never really used a computer in their job, and they were able to create PO’s and understand the system within 30 mins of using it.

Rachelle Page
Business Systems Admin, CDG Enterprises


Many in the construction industry consider Tradogram to be among the best construction procurement software solutions available. Our e-procurement system slashes costs, increases ROI, improves efficiency and helps contractors finish projects under budget. In addition, advanced procurement tools and features streamline order management and ensure a constant flow of new contracts.

Standardized Construction Procurement Process

End-to-end, purchase-to-pay solutions allow skilled workers to achieve more in less time.

Built-in compliance features safeguard contractors from breaking regulatory guidelines. Tradogram is EV SSL certified and SSAE-16 compliant.

Price Fluctuation Management

Supplier management features slash costs by identifying the best vendors and prices available.

Spend analysis reporting provides constant insight into spending to keep costs in check.

Accurate Data & Coordinated Ordering

An item master database prevents data discrepancies and reduces the risk of miscommunication with suppliers.

Approval functionality eliminates duplicate orders, empowering you to procure construction materials quickly and accurately every time.


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