Launch, monitor, and strategicly perfect every sourcing event with precision and confidence

Take control with best-in-class, white-labeled strategic sourcing solutions. Send RFP/RFQ forms to multiple suppliers. Seal the deal with guided purchase orders. Manage long-term collaborations with a backed-up contract database so you never lose a document.

Negotiate with flexibility. Gain clarity before finalizing deals with cost forecasting tools. Understand the total cost of ownership and make confident sourcing decisions with Tradogram strategic sourcing software.
Document: Simplify Record-Keeping

Plan: Empower Your Procurement Strategy with Strategic Sourcing

Craft a winning strategic sourcing blueprint for seamless procurement

  • Dive into a dynamic sourcing software experience tailored to your needs.
  • Attach clear specification files to make your requirements stand out.
  • Engage suppliers with our request for quote software, ensuring a two-way communication channel throughout the negotiation process.

Request: Streamline Supplier Engagements

Take your e-sourcing strategy beyond traditional RFPs and RFQs

  • Experience the synergy of our strategic sourcing platform and RFP/RFQ tools combined.
  • Choose your negotiation style: foster open communication with suppliers or opt for a sealed bidding process.
  • Engage suppliers effortlessly, no need for them to have an account or even know about our strategic sourcing tools.
Request: Streamline Supplier Engagements
Evaluate: Make Informed Decisions

Evaluate: Make Informed Decisions

Master procurement with end-to-end e-sourcing solutions

  • Navigate negotiations with a comprehensive dashboard and efficient messaging system.
  • Handle international deals smoothly with auto-currency features.
  • Review and compare supplier responses with ease, ensuring you have all the information to make the best decision.

Reward: Secure The Best Agreements For All Parties

Strategically seal deals that best benefit you and your suppliers

  • Award the best bids with flexibility, whether it's a single purchase order or an ongoing agreement.
  • Even after finalizing a deal, keep the door open for potential negotiations with other vendors.
  • Seize opportunities that might not have been in your initial plan, ensuring you always get the best deal.
Request: Streamline Supplier Engagements
Evaluate: Make Informed Decisions

Document: Simplify Record-Keeping

Hard Data Insights Are at The Heart of Our Strategic Sourcing Solution

  • Get instant audit reports at the end of each sourcing event, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Reflect on your sourcing journey, celebrating every milestone and achievement along the way.
  • Dive deep into insights with customized procurement reports, helping you strategize for the future.


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