Automate Expense Management for Unmatched Efficiency

  • Simplify expense approvals with automated workflows and notifications
  • Experience user-friendly tools that revolutionize your expense handling
  • Gain real-time visibility into expense data for better tracking and decision-making

Transform Your Expense Process with Advanced Features

  • Seamlessly integrate powerful expense management into your existing processes
  • Reduce errors and improve accuracy with automated expense calculations
  • Enhance compliance by enforcing policy controls and flagging non-compliant expenses

Stop Spending Valuable Time on Processes You Can Automate and Focus on Higher-value Tasks

Simple Receipt Scanning for Quick and Convenient Expense Processing 

  • Capture and upload receipts with a single click, simplifying the process
  • Eliminate cumbersome paper trails for a more streamlined approach
  • Enjoy quick and convenient expense reporting with our system

Hassle-Free Expense Approvals and Reimbursements Increase Efficiency

  • Customize approval workflows to ensure compliance with expense policies
  • Easily identify and manage reimbursements for efficient processing
  • Seamlessly integrate expense reporting into your procurement process

Create and Manage Accurate Expense Records Every Time

  • Efficiently handle anticipated and recurring business expenses with ease
  • Include detailed descriptions, vendor info, and receipts for accurate records
  • Simplify the approval process with digitized expense records

Ensure Regulatory Compliance with Approval Workflows

  • Incorporate Tradogram’s features into existing approval workflows
  • Facilitate the creation and approval of expense records to
  • Save time by converting requisitions into expense records with a few clicks

Real-Time Tracking of Expense Records for Enhanced Visibility

  • Sort and view expense records based on different statuses
  • Stay informed with real-time notifications about budget updates
  • Effortlessly track remaining funds for better financial management

Intuitive Reimbursement Capabilities for User-Friendly Experience

  • Select recipients for reimbursement, whether from a user list or external sources
  • Choose the responsible department and general ledger account effortlessly
  • Streamline reimbursement management, including tax considerations, with ease


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