As hotels and entertainment reopen, the need for procurement software has never been greater. Control costs, save money, and offer better service to your customers, with Tradogram.

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Meet Tradogram’s next-gen hospitality procurement solution. Know where money is being spent,cut unnecessary spending,improve spend visibility with the solution that can save your business.

Focus on Guests, Not Admin

Reduce purchase order processing time from days tominutes.


Leverage Value-Based Purchasing

Hospitality purchasing solutions slash costs by over20% on average.

Go Paperless & Ensure Compliance

Say goodbye to outdated, manual procurement processes and gain 100% spend visibility.


The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry as travel dropped to all-time lows. As countries distribute vaccines, a slow rebound is taking place. But the road to recovery in this industry will likely be slow. Luckily, Tradogram’s hospitality procurement solutions can shorten that road significantly.

​60% Decrease In Revenues

Chief procurement officers expect revenues to drop by around this percentage while recovery efforts are implemented.
Source: Deloitte

Managing Lower Demand

Travel, in general, has declined dramatically since March 2020. Although signs of recovery are visible, recovery will be slow. As a result, hotels and other hospitality businesses must find innovative ways to keep their doors open.

Recovery expected to continue through 2024

Research suggests recovery to pre-COVID levels may take years, indicating the urgent need for new operating models.
Source: McKinsey & Company

Excessive, Wasteful Spending Must Stop

With demand at all-time lows, every nonessential expenditure must be eliminated and done so with discipline.

E-procurement and other hospitality tech adoption has risen dramatically

Hoteliers and others in the hospitality industry now see that automation software is the key to business survival in times of global crisis.
Source: Questex

Hospitality Procurement Software is Essential for Spending Transparency

Transparency is unreliable and time-consuming when hotels use manual admin processes. Hospitality procurement software holds the key to enduring the pandemic.

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Great experience from initial presentation, testing, implementation, and support. Tradogram was very easy to customize and use. Setup and configuration were simple and easy to maintain.

Joel Gerber
SVP Technology, Adheris Health

Tradogram has been very good from its inception. The support level is very good, the software is easy to use and to teach to staff members. We are very happy with the software.

Thomas Allina
CFO, Nikki Beach


Travel bans are slowly lifting, and business-as-usual will eventually return. Implement Tradogram’s e-procurement solution to reduce risks, cut costs increase efficiency and ensure full visibility into spending. The system is highly intuitive, easy to use, and full of helpful procurement tools and features. With Tradogram your can make data-driven purchasing decisions, and spend more time delivering world-class service to your guests.

Cutting Costs and Tracking Budgets in Real-Time

Budget management features provide maximum purchasing transparency and control.

Supplier management features slash costs by identifying the best vendors and prices available.

Ensure Supplies Never Run Out and Are Easy to Find

Advanced inventory controls ensure a constant supply of critical supplies and equipment.

Requisition management features free up time for staff to focus their energy on guests.

Gaining Full Spend Control and Transparency

With automated purchase orders and approvals routing, Tradogram tracks your purchasing process for complete visibility and accountability.

Expense management capabilities provide transparency around where expenses go and where costs must be further cut.


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