Streamlined Contract Lifecycle Management Software

  • Create requisitions and purchase orders from contracts with auto-filled terms and pricing
  • Accessible contract management system for easy supplier agreement retrieval
  • Control costs, manage supplier relationships, and align procurement strategies with organizational goals

Efficiently Order and Renew Contracts in a Flexible Repository

  • Create, store, and manage different types of contracts based on purchasing arrangements
  • Minimize off-contract spending by enabling staff to order directly from established contracts
  • Versatile system for all your contract needs, ensuring efficient contract management

Harness Efficiency and Gain Control with Intuitive Contract Management Tools

Empower Your Procurement Process with Strategic Planning

  • Auto-generate contracts from awarded bids for efficient procurement
  • Utilize user-friendly charts for easy monitoring and decision-making
  • Manage and track supplier performance effectively to ensure quality partnerships

Simplify Your Supplier and Vendor Relationships

  • Establish and manage contracts with ease for smoother partnerships
  • Control and reduce procurement expenses for improved financial efficiency
  • Develop strategic spending plans for optimized procurement decisions

Enhance Team Efficiency with Autofilled Terms and Pricing

  • Create requisitions and purchase orders swiftly with autofilled terms and pricing
  • Track all activities on each contract for comprehensive contract management
  • Get reminders for contract expiration dates to stay proactive in renewals

Keep Track of Expiry Dates and Remaining Items

  • Monitor remaining item quantities and monetary amounts for proactive management
  • Search and filter contracts based on various parameters for quick access
  • Review the progress of ongoing supplier agreements to ensure smooth operations

Minimize Off-Contract Spending

  • Order directly from established contracts to prevent off-contract spending
  • Ensure contract terms are upheld on each order for compliance and cost control
  • Easily review expired contracts and renew with a single click for seamless procurement
What Types of Contracts Can I Create and Manage With Tradogram?
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How Does Tradogram Handle Contract Renewals?
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How Does the System Support Sustainability Goals and Esg Efforts?
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What Kind of Insights Can I Gain From the Contract Management Tool?
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How Can Automated Contract Management Help Reduce Risk?


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