Clearly Articulate Your Sourcing Requirements

  • Accurate tracking of RFQs and RFPs for precise procurement management
  • Streamlined request management to minimize discrepancies
  • Effortless tracking of each request for maximum procurement efficiency

Manage Strategic Negotiations with e-Sourcing Tools

  • Collaborative offer evaluation and rapid decision-making for superior negotiations
  • Flexibility to close with multiple vendors from a single request for efficient sourcing
  • Real-time supplier response updates for quick and informed decisions

Plan, Release, Compare, and Award with Robust e-Sourcing Software

e-Sourcing Customization Aligns the System with Your Unique Process

  • Efficient drafting and saving of requests for seamless planning
  • Host open or sealed bidding events to secure the best deals
  • Utilize custom forms for better communication with suppliers

Streamline Recieving with Smart Release Workflows

  • Send requests to one or more suppliers with a single click for streamlined procurement
  • Real-time tracking of supplier responses for quick decision-making
  • Easily add suppliers to active negotiations for enhanced collaboration

Make Informed Decisions with Comprehensive Comparison

  • Utilize a dedicated dashboard for comprehensive supplier offer comparison
  • Access real-time responses to offers for swift decision-making
  • Easily identify changed negotiation terms for informed choices

Award Wisely with Strategic e-Sourcing Solutions

  • Generate POs and contract arrangements according to pre-set approval workflows
  • Experience automatic processing to streamline procurement operations
  • Flexibility to split orders among multiple suppliers post-negotiation
What Is E-sourcing in the Context of Procurement?
How Can Sourcing Software Contribute to a More Effective Procurement Process?
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How Do Your Sourcing Tools Improve Supplier Negotiations?
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Can Procurement Sourcing Software Integrate With Other Procurement Solutions?
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Can I Use Sourcing Software Solutions to Manage Multiple Vendors from a Single Request?
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What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit From Using Automated Sourcing Tools?


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