Elevate your procurement game. Say goodbye to time-consuming, manual tasks and execute 3-way matching with confidence.



Reimagine your procurement strategy with intuitive procure-to-pay software that brings control and clarity to your purchasing process. Manage purchase orders like a boss. Leverage enhanced capabilities like PO matching, precise invoice automation, and a delivery management system with built-in inventory distribution.
Structure your company’s purchasing with a flexible approval workflow system and seamlessly complete purchase orders from a convenient item master database. Automatically document procurement records to create custom spend analysis reports, and much more.

Explore the journey ahead as we break down the steps below.


Requisition: Optimize Your Procurement

Seize control of your procurement process with Tradogram's adaptable purchase requisition system. Get ready to simplify, streamline, and succeed

  • Empower your team with next-gen requisition features. Easily submit needs, select items from our extensive database, or add custom items.
  • Avoid unnecessary confusion with crystal-clear communication capabilities. Specify delivery spots and item specifics for smooth order reception and inventory control.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the cloud. Create requisition forms on any device, from phones to tablets to computers.
  • Take efficiency to new heights. Search, sort, and review requisitions effortlessly. Bundle multiple requisitions into a single purchase order for maximum savings.

Approve: Streamline Procurement Pathways

Create intelligent approval workflows aligned with your unique process

  • Configure detailed approval workflows for branches, departments, and projects. Approve every step of the procurement process, including requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices.
  • Maintain cost control by setting price thresholds to trigger approval requirements. Specific categories can also activate approvals during purchasing.
  • Verify purchases align with budgets using the budget planner tool before granting approvals. Perform flexible budget management, from company-wide to project-specific analysis.
  • Enhance collaboration by adding comments in the approval workflow. Documented records will include notes from employees on each transaction step.

Purchase: Seamless Procurement Empowerment

Simplicity meets raw power with flexible purchase order tools designed to meet your unique needs

  • Craft adaptable purchase order forms that fit your requirements, featuring personalized fields, logos, and automated PO numbers.
  • Boost efficiency by cloning purchase order forms, attaching external files, and downloading PDF versions with a single click. 
  • Expedite the receiving process by proactively requesting supplier confirmation of sent orders.
  • Send purchase orders for external transactions or one-time expenses. Establish a centralized expenses system for your team with meticulously documented records.

Receive: Precision Order Acceptance

Enhance collaboration and work like a well-oiled machine with streamlined order receiving

  • Effortlessly book-in purchased items with our intuitive delivery management system. Highlight order discrepancies with in-system order notes.
  • Mold workflows to align with your processes. Split the order receiving process into multiple deliveries. 
  • Ensure efficient inventory distribution management by simultaneously managing purchased items across all your inventory locations.
  • Strengthen supplier communication by allowing them to include essential delivery notes. Request vital documents like packing lists and shipping bills for a streamlined process.

Payable: Enhanced Invoice Automation

Spend more time on higher-value tasks by automating accounts payable processes

  • Simplify invoices with automated 2- or 3-way match invoice processing. Purchase order forms, delivery notes, and payment invoices are automatically linked for simple record keeping.
  • Tradogram’s approval workflow system sends you timely reminders to approve or reject outstanding invoices. Access complete invoice histories for reference whenever you need.
  • Ensure perfect alignment between invoices and accounts payable. Cross-reference purchase orders with delivered items during the order receiving process with accuracy and confidence.

Document: Simplify Procurement Record Keeping

Unlock actionable insights for informed, data-driven decision making with customizable reports and spend analysis tools

  • Elevate your record-to-report process. Craft custom spend analysis reports by filtering data from various stages of the procure-to-pay process.
  • Experience peace-of-mind with automated, real-time procurement data collection. From external file attachments to collaboration notes, every detail is meticulously recorded.
  • Dive into the item master catalog and database for a comprehensive purchase history. Conduct precise cost forecasting and assess cost-benefit ratios whenever you need to.


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