Intuitive Solution for Purchase Requisition Management

  • Collect and assign internal orders automatically, allowing buyers to finalize purchases
  • Accommodate database items and one-off additions for flexible  requisition creation
  • Eliminate order confusion, streamline  the requisition process, generate cost savings, and drive value creation
  • Achieve effortless economies of scale with a well-organized, digital process

Cut the Paper Trail with Automated Purchase Requisition Software

  • Say goodbye to unorganized documents, duplicate orders, and confusion
  • Customize requisition forms to gather the vital information you need most 
  • Empower requesters to track item statuses from approval to receipt
  • Provide team-wide insights into purchase requests and company spending

Harness The Power Of A Centralized Purchase Requisition Software For Streamlined Conversion Of Requisitions Into Purchase Orders

Create Efficiently

  • Populate requisition forms with items from a database catalog, add external items manually, or Punchout to online suppliers.
  • Encourage a centralized purchasing workflow with Tradogram's efficient system.

Approve Seamlessly

  • Route requisition orders to managers and other staff for approval before forwarding to the purchasing department.
  • Flip requisitions into POs while automatically updating requisition status.
  • Customize approval workflows and maintain a comprehensive audit trail of all activities.

Fulfill Effectively

  • Consolidate multiple requisition orders onto a single purchase order to promote economy-of-scale with your supplier.
  • Choose to partially or completely fulfill requisition orders from a single repository, adding automation to purchase order creation.

Track Precisely

  • Oversee order requirements from a unified dashboard, ensuring that no internal company purchasing requirements are overlooked.
  • Enable staff to track order statuses through the workflow, estimating when their requisitions will be fulfilled.
  • Involve requestors in the purchase process and notify them accordingly with online purchase requisitions.

Equip your team with the tools they need for an efficient, streamlined purchasing process with Tradogram's purchase requisition system.

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