Efficient Item Master Data Management

  • Import and organize your item master data in a user-friendly and easily accessible database.
  • Modify item information swiftly, minimizing data discrepancies
  • Reduce the risk of miscommunications with suppliers
  • Track the purchase history of each item
  • Set target costs for frequently ordered goods and services
  • Link items to approved suppliers, providing a snapshot of supplier catalogs

Comprehensive Item Master Data Categories

  • Advanced category management features that enhance spend control.
  • Aggregate items with common characteristics for easy analysis of company spending
  • Assign specific categories to specific users
  • Make category design completely customizable to fit your company's unique needs
  • Enhance decision-making with data-driven insights

Create, Organize, And Order Through A Streamlined Item Master List

Easily Add Items to Your Centralized Catalogue

  • Populate item data like pricing, unit of measurement, GL account information, item numbers, and more
  • Upload existing item lists for quick database population
  • Download, edit, and re-upload item lists for efficient item updates
  • Maintain up-to-date inventory and price data

Categorize & Organize Your Item Master Data

  • Create custom item categories and bundles
  • Document spending records based on item categories
  • Apply approval workflows to certain item categories for improved order review processes
  • Streamline procurement with organized item data

External One-Off and Item Master Data

  • Easily add external items to purchase orders
  • First-time item orders can be quickly added to the database during the order creation process
  • Online shopping carts can be easily linked through punch-out enabled technology
  • Ensure quick response to changing procurement needs

Manage Your Item Master Data Database

  • Create custom fields and attach specification files to items, enabling you to communicate detailed information to suppliers in seconds
  • Upload images to associate with each item for quick identification when navigating through the item master database
  • Maintain comprehensive item specifications
  • Streamline supplier communication with detailed item data
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How does item master data management improve decision-making in procurement?
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