Comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management Software

  • Efficiently collaborate with approved suppliers
  • Evaluate their performance and make informed purchasing decisions
  •  Streamline supplier evaluation and relationship management 

Build and Manage Your Approved SupplierList

  • Create a personalized database of approved suppliers
  • Link vendors to specific items for easy ordering
  • Access comprehensive vendor details and documentation
  • Monitor the performance history of each supplier

Centralized Vendor Management Software for Efficient Communication, Performance Tracking, and Relationship Building

Evaluate Supplier Performance with Scorecards

  • Use supplier performance ratings to identify top-performing vendors
  • Improve relationships with suppliers and manage vendor risk by using supplier evaluation software
  • Contribute to the development of a reliable and efficient supply chain

Organize Supplier Information with Custom Categories

  • Store multiple points of contact, address details, and financial information
  • Integrate with current systems to keep data up-to-date
  • Create custom categories for efficient filtering and reporting

Evaluate and Monitor Supplier Performance

  • Complete evaluations on each purchase order
  • Use customizable fillable forms for due diligence and supplier audits
  • Automate performance tracking for better risk management and controlled spend

Streamline Supplier Onboarding and Collaboration

  • Automate supplier onboarding using Tradogram
  • Allow suppliers to receive and respond to documents without a Tradogram account
  • Invite suppliers to Tradogram's supplier portal for easier order tracking and invoice creation
What type of financial information can be stored for each supplier?
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How can I filter and sort suppliers in the system?
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Can I evaluate supplier performance on each purchase order?
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Can suppliers use Tradogram without having an account?
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Can I automate the supplier onboarding process with Tradogram?
How does Tradogram's vendor management system enhance risk management?
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