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3 Reasons Why You Need to Use Procurement Software

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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Delay a Decision About Procurement Software

Does any of the following sound familiar?

"Sorry for the delay in my response, I was involved with another project and couldn't check my phone, email, or nearby smoke signals. However, I have reviewed your procurement software. We use email and spreadsheets right now, so tell me again why we should implement this? Even if we were to incorporate this kind of system, it wouldn't be for another 6 months as we're currently busy with a minor auditing situation. We prefer to continue using manual processes because, to be honest, that's all we know." - Message sent via fax.

It gets worse...

"Widgets Unlimited Co. would like to thank you for the 4 hours you spent with us on the phone three times in the past week. We absolutely love the software and will be able to move forward once we convince Jerome (and not Anita) to present the information package to HQ in Montreal. Management likes Jerome. They almost fired Anita last year (just between us). The software is more likely to be viewed as economical and intelligent if it comes from the 'right' person. So we'll let you know ASAP if Jerome has agreed. I should also mention that here at WUC our understanding of 'ASAP' is quite unique - just like our brand identity. Perhaps we could schedule a fourth demo in the interim? Thanks again, we'll send you a basket of nuts on every statutory holiday."

Although exaggerated, this type of correspondence isn't entirely fictitious. Companies of all sizes face numerous roadblocks before they're able to begin implementing new procurement software. Best intentions are forgotten in the face of interdepartmental miscommunication, an infinite hierarchy of decision-makers, and internal software policies that must be adhered to with increasing rigidity.At a time when technology is designed to ease communication challenges (rather than make them worse), why are these problems still so prevalent, and what can be done to minimize the effects of red tape? When the decision-making process is delayed with no end in sight, the consequences begin to accumulate. This table reviews the top three reasons to make a decision sooner, rather than later.


Every minute that passes without a system in place to streamline your purchasing results in lost revenue. A lack of control over procurement can quickly cause overspending. When it's possible to gain immediate insight into corporate spending, why not take advantage of this and determine what costs can be eliminated?


The earlier your company can make a decision about procurement software, the earlier the technology can be implemented to increase purchasing efficiency. All manual processes are replaced with automation to heighten control over company spend and reduce the amount of time employees are tied up with mindless tasks. As a safety precaution, seek an easy-to-implement solution that can grow with the demands of your organization.


Once you select the best procurement software for your organization you can immediately begin negotiating better deals with suppliers and gain visibility into your entire process end-to-end. This results in savings that can be transferred over to your customers, generating a competitive advantage that will secure industry dominance.

In summary, a limitless amount of time to make a decision generally means a decision will never be made. It's more likely that too many options will enter the equation, features will be reviewed in extreme detail, and management will be paralyzed by an excess of choice. This results in a return to your outdated, manual processes.

Keep this in mind when beginning the procurement software selection process if you want to avoid hearing the endless hum of a fax machine: it doesn't pay to delay.

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