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At a Crossroads Trying to Decide on a Procurement Solution?

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At a Crossroads Trying to Decide on a Procurement Solution?

You're up against unrealistic deadlines, you can't seem to complete a single task before new ones pile up, and the entire office is sluggish & uncooperative. Does your workplace reality leave you lost? Now imagine you're also responsible for selecting the company's latest procurement management software. If this was a Choose Your Own Adventure the very first choice you make could spark a lightbulb moment:

To choose your procurement management software based on criteria such as price, ease of navigation, and reliability, please proceed to Here you'll be able to explore a multitude of options and contemplate which procurement features are most suitable to your needs. Select this option and you'll be amazed by the purchasing functions at your fingertips. The 'Learn More' button will lead you to a PDF that describes these features in more detail.

Please proceed to if you want your procurement decision to be almost effortless - complete the Send a Message form and request the eProcurement Comparison Document. We'll send you an Excel document that will allow you to objectively compare features of various eProcurement solutions. The best choice will become obvious.

Either option will take you to the same user-friendly "map". This is because Tradogram wants to make your route to eProcurement as intuitive and painless as possible, especially if/when you feel lost in the unknown world of procurement software.

To further help readers understand the importance of making a wise eProcurement decision, we've created a checklist that answers the question "what do you want your eProcurement solution to do for you?" The more boxes you tick off the economical with your spending, not eProcurement benefits.

Enhance supplier relations and regularly evaluate their performance.

Increase the adoption rate of requisitioners using the system, allowing orders to be sent to the right person automatically.

Improve contract compliance by minimizing off-contract maverick spending.

Automate and improve processes such as creating POs and send them through the proper approval routes with zero effort.

Maximize savings and secure better deals by negotiating effectively with suppliers.

Establish and maintain an auditable process by archiving reports that can be easily retrieved.

Track budgets and analyze spend at all company levels for exemplary purchasing habits.

Streamline the sourcing process through the creation of standardized Requests (RFPs and RFQs).

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