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As a purchasing professional and a key player in the supply chain, your function is integral to everything your organization does. You need to be innovative, yet cost-conscious. You need to find a way to save time and money while managing an increasingly sophisticated inventory. What you don't need is an overly expensive procurement solution that only mega-corporations can afford.


Finally, there's Tradogram, a purchasing tool that is both affordable and easy to use. It can help you

  • cut purchasing-related costs significantly without compromising the quality of the products and services you buy;
  • save time by streamlining your procurement processes;
  • save even more time with our auto-fill feature - just add suppliers once;
  • track your purchasing history quickly and easily - you can measure the efficiency of your purchasing; and
  • track your suppliers' histories quickly and easily, too, ensuring you are getting the best value from your suppliers.

This is particularly good news if you are an ISO 9001-compliant company. Tradogram helps you

  • maintain approved and continually updated quality-standards documents for each product and service;
  • maintain an approved and continually updated list of suppliers for each product and service; and
  • achieve integrated workflow by streamlining the buying process:
  • a simple-to-use request-for-quote form;
  • a purchase order;
  • a shipping notification;

Tradogram also ensures traceability using comprehensive documentation about each transaction, something that is particularly useful in the event of a dispute.

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