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Top 10 Qualities of Notorious Purchasing Managers

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Top 10 Qualities of Notorious Purchasing Managers


Loyalty program will be implemented for the capture of

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO)ALIASThe Notorious "Purchasing Manager"

To be found dead or alive. Preferably alive for purposes of general corporate protocol.

At approximately 1:30 pm on October 13th, 2015, a CPO went missing from a large corporation on the corner of Dark Ave. and Stormy Blvd. The suspect is approximately 5 ft. 7 in. tall and will likely be wearing modern business casual attire in some degree of dishevelment. Terms such as "highly desirable" and "the sharpest white-collar on Enterprise Avenue" have been used as suspect descriptors. The individual in question may be susceptible to business cards scattered as bait and images of purchase requests. At this time the suspect's reason for fleeing is unknown, however some speculate it relates to a co-worker polishing off the last carrot muffin on a Friday afternoon (without asking anyone else first).Ten qualities of this invaluable individual have been listed below to facilitate immediate recognition. Please maintain vigilance at all times. Sometimes talent is easy to overlook.

  1. Tenacity: This suspect is determined to deliver cost reductions, increase transaction efficiencies, and persist in designing optimal procurement standards. The tireless pursuit of streamlined purchasing is their mission.
  2. Multilingualism: Just when you think you have the CPO all figured out, they'll start speaking another language. Literally. Technological developments, urbanization, and international trade have increased business connections - this suspect can provide a customized service to a global market. Chances are they also understand the needs of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Try screaming "strategic thinking" in Chinese, French, and Italian to get their attention.
  3. Experience: Business and procurement knowledge puts a target on the CPO's back. This individual can communicate their ideas effectively because they've had lots of practice. ROI's float around in the water they drink.
  4. Intuition: Securing an ideal supplier by analyzing a large volume of information in a relatively short amount of time requires the mental clarity of a Buddhist monk, if the monk also has extrasensory perception. This suspect's intuitive powers are similar. Additionally, in any social interaction they can detect the smallest shift in the mood of a group or individual and act accordingly.
  5. Persuasiveness: Disagreements and differences of opinion don't bother the CPO. They know how to be convincing through the use of gentle relentless charm, plus they have airtight facts to back up their talk. Negotiating is as natural as breathing. This suspect encourages interdepartmental collaboration and can influence the development of new ideas.
  6. Professionalism: This individual holds themselves and their organization accountable in all areas, not just because they need to (the CPO does break the occasional rule, this is a wanted poster after all), but because they recognize that high standards generate the best results. They know how to modify their actions to match their environment - another reason why the suspect will be difficult to apprehend.
  7. Decisiveness: When a decision needs to be made the CPO always aims for a win-win outcome. However, if this is not possible, the CPO can still be straightforward and decisive without procrastinating or sitting on the fence until the opportunity is completely lost.
  8. Reliability: The suspect functions as part of a team, and understands that even when they're the leader in an organization they do not operate in a vacuum. To this extent, they know the necessity of trust in all relationships they build. Words and actions go hand-in-hand.
  9. Pragmatism: Common sense isn't always so common. The suspect has a rare ability to be sensible, especially in complex or emotionally-charged situations. Logic and practicality are emphasized in all forms of communication to obtain real results. Perhaps if the co-worker theoretically accused of taking the last muffin had been logical and asked first this manhunt would have been avoided.
  10. Well-Connected: The CPO leverages business contacts to advance company goals. The CPO also knows the value in establishing new contacts across a wide variety of industries, ideally in a multitude of countries. This does not mean that a partner or small supplier down the street is ignored, rather the suspect regards every interaction and opportunity with equal respect.

Approach with extreme caution.Notorious CPO's are closer than they appear.

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