Procurement 101

Rhythm Edition: The Right Buying Solution for Your Business

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Majdi Sleimen

Rhythm Edition: The Right Buying Solution for Your Business

Procurement is spending company money using the most cost-effective techniqueto obtain every product and service the business needs, by year, month, or week.

You're forecasting demand, monitoring operations, and the feedback loop,but your purchasing department still stinks worse than -

This rhyme will force you to consider parts of an eProcurement solutionthat will solve your specific challenges, without absolution.

From the Business Development Bank of Canada to the streets a dispatch was sent:five percent savings in purchasing costs can increase profits by FIFTY percent!

When it's time to choose an eProcurement tool, implementation is key:effective change management and intuitive technology will set you free.

Do you require more automation, higher-quality negotiations, and economies of scale?Or purchasing reports, vendor evaluations, and a sparkling ginger ale?

Determine your objectives, strategies, and define the business casebefore grabbing the first purchasing solution that shows its (poker) face.

Check for hidden or additional fees that can wreck your ROI;you know this won't optimize what and how you buy.

Now it's time for more questions that will guarantee success:what size is your organization, have item descriptions been assessed?

Do you have a list of approved suppliers, or just that guy in the alley out back?Seek out an optimal process and pick up the purchasing slack.

Don't forget to review the software provider's credibility, this is essentialand complex legacy systems just aren't preferential.

Purchasing solutions might compete on ease of use, functionality, or price -wouldn't a solution with all three be nice?!

But hold on one minute, maybe there's still hope.The perfect eProcurement solution exists, take your neck out of that rope!

Tradogram lets you plan, communicate, and control your purchasing your company can save more money than it can blow.

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