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Majdi Sleimen

Tradogram Receives The 2017 Rising Star" and "Great User Experience" Awards from Finances Online"

"Tradogram allows you to determine and set your planning goals achieve your objectives, and be in absolute control over your procurement processes." This is how FinancesOnline's experienced B2B team described our system in their brand new review, after submitting it to a detailed scoring procedure, and awarding it two of their best productivity awards. is a reputed web provider of B2B software expertise where businesses from all geographies turn to find the ideal system. At the same time, the platform promotes the service of young and prospective apps that meet their quality criteria, and distinguish them with prestigious awards for each software category. This time, it was Tradogram that got acknowledged as one of the best procurement software performers, and awarded with even two great awards: The 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award.

We are overjoyed with both awards, as they are usually reserved for highly competent apps that please users with topnotch functionality. The Rising Star, for instance, is reserved for developing tools at the dawn of their popularity, which are nevertheless highly recommended by their users. The Great User Experience Award, on the other hand, belongs to systems, which offer an intuitive and hassle-free interface, and provide access to real-time, knowledgeable support.How did Tradogram impress experts? According to them, our system combines just the right features for users to enhance their efficiency, while bringing down their expenses. It is also a single system that can help retain full control over procurement workflows and TCOs, bridge and manage contracts, and provide access to the best supplier prices, terms, and payment specifications.

Great User Experience 2017 Reward
Rising Star 2017 Award
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