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How Tradogram can Solve Your Education Procurement Problems

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How Tradogram can Solve Your Education Procurement Problems

Tradogram is a procurement software that was developed to solve a wide range of procurement problems. Our affordable, flexible and simple e-procurement system has active users in more than 80 countries worldwide. These users do not just fit in one category either. We serve a variety of different industries.This blog covers how Academic Institutions, or businesses in the education industry, can use the platform to streamline their procurement practices.

What is Tradogram Procurement Software?

What is Tradogram Procurement Software?

Tradogram was launched in 2014 as an all-in-one Business Spend Management Platform aimed at simplifying purchasing. Our straightforward e-procurement software is used to manage billions of dollars daily. Our active support team and constant technology updates ensure that we stay up-to-date with new procurement requirements and adapt our software accordingly. Tradogram’s software addresses a number of pain points by automating and streamlining every step of the procurement process. Keep reading to find out how we can help you solve your education procurement challenges and allow educators to focus their time where it is needed most.

Streamline your Purchasing Process

Tradogram software will ensure that you find the best supplies at the best prices without wasting time.

  • Supplier Management: Our supplier management features allow you to measure and track quality and performance in numerous ways. Use lists on a personalized database to store the important details of your approved vendors and suppliers. Evaluation tools like scorecards will ensure you are only receiving the best products and services.
  • Strategic Sourcing Management: With this feature, you can initiate sourcing events and document every step of the negotiation process. You can also send convenient RFP/ RFQ forms and conclude negotiations with a single purchase order.  
  • Budget Management: Prevent overspending with our comprehensive list of cost forecasting analysis and budget management tools. These tools allow you to categorize your budget, introduce limits, track your overall spending, plan your project spending, and much more.

Optimize and automate your spending

Tunnel-vision spending, maverick spending, institutional silos, and spending waste are all too familiar in educational procurement, but Tradogram can help.

  • Role-based User Permissions give you complete visibility and control over your purchasing process by creating different access levels. You can empower your procurement team by giving each person a set responsibility according to your purchasing workflow. Plus, users will only be able to see features and information that is enabled on their account, safeguarding your procurement data.
  • Approval Workflows with Tradogram automatically send purchase requisition orders to specified decision-makers, with real-time notifications anything important happens or if a document needs approval. You can also safeguard your business against unnecessary or unapproved purchases with user exemption features.
  • Item Master Catalog helps track the purchase history of each item and set target costs for goods and services that are regularly ordered.
Optimize and automate your spending

Improve your Collaboration and Eliminate Guesswork

  • Procurement Collaboration Features give you the opportunity to communicate with stakeholders and suppliers in an instant messaging format. These features facilitate confidential information exchanges that are maintained on a secure database.
  • Purchase Requisition Capabilities allow you to convert internal requisitions into purchase orders quickly and efficiently. Create, approve, fulfill and track multiple requisition orders on a single platform.
  • Contract Management Tools help eliminate maverick spending and improve your relationships with your suppliers. This tool optimizes your cost control and enhances the performance of your contracts. It can also be used to improve your contract lifecycle management and negotiate terms using RFP/ RFQ Forms.

How to get started

Getting started with Tradogram is as straightforward as our Software. We have three affordable subscription packages to choose from, including Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. Because we are here to save you money and improve your procurement practices, even our free Basic option includes a long list of features. Tradogram can do so much more to help you simplify your purchasing and improve your cost savings, but if you are still unsure if Tradogram is the right solution for you, contact us today, and we will answer any questions you may have. Alternatively, request a live demo now and one of our dedicated product experts will reach out to schedule the demo.

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