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The Cloud Breaks the Ice on Legacy Procurement Software

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Majdi Sleimen

The Cloud Breaks the Ice on Legacy Procurement Software

Here's a topic from folklore to debate: the elderly (exact age undetermined) should be put on an ice floe and left to float away into the sunset. Spoiler alert - this idea is rationalized by those who argue that senior citizens no longer offer any value once they have been superseded by a younger generation. The ice floe was presented as a resourceful solution.

Tradogram would like to take this opportunity to suggest that you tenderly send your legacy procurement solution on a long, chilly voyage into the sunset. The reality of the situation can't be avoided: legacy software is typically tethered to a specific location "on-premise", it doesn't mingle well with new systems, and the cost of maintaining this software is far greater than the cost of transporting it to the ice flow. On the other hand, SaaS applications such as Tradogram are young and lightweight, able to provide effortless usability at a competitive price.


To demonstrate this vitality, Tradogram ensures every purchasing feature you need is available, and at a low cost. Payment options are flexible: monthly (you can cancel at any point if necessary!) or yearly. No need to make a large initial investment and/or long-term commitment before determining the suitability of the software. To add to the list of benefits, Tradogram allows you to export all data - take it with you at anytime! These facts may persuade those who resist letting go of crippling legacy systems.


Many advocates of legacy procurement technology will claim that the employee re-training required for "new" systems takes valuable time away from day-to-day operations. This is inaccurate reasoning - it's actually complex legacy software that requires new hires read 20 lb training manuals. Fortunately, Tradogram's software poses no such challenge. Navigation within the application is entirely intuitive. Why devote time to a learning curve that only leads to a swim in the Arctic? Overly complicated technology decreases the rate at which it can be adopted by users.


Thanks to the cloud, Tradogram's application can be used from any location with internet access. Multi-tenancy architecture and encrypted SSL technology allow all users to selectively exchange sensitive data with total security. Data centers, the network of computer servers that enable this technology, are ISO 27001 compliant. As a result, the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details, and more is regulated and monitored. Whoever said "young and naïve" was probably speaking out of resentment just prior to being loaded on the ice floe.

Honestly, Grandpa Moe may not enthusiastically hobble into the frosty oblivion, just as there will always be users who cling to legacy procurement software. Most of the time this stems from a fear of change. Users are content with sticking to what they know while managers might feel pressure to attain their ROI for a clunky and complex application (that was hardly used before a project was cancelled).

Tradogram encourages you to be brave and listen to wisdom from a visionary: "it takes a very long time to become young". Perhaps the old can teach us new ways of functioning after all? Maybe the ice floes should only accept legacy procurement software and leave senior citizens at peace.

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