How can I enable supplier approvals?

Approvals for adding suppliers to the system can be turned on under “Manage Company” where you will find “Company Profile”. There is a checkbox “Enable Supplier Approvals”.

Next, under each user’s profile permission you can choose who will have the authority to approve new suppliers that are being added to the account. Under the “User Permissions”, you will need to scroll down to Suppliers & Customers; for users who will be granted the right to approve suppliers, you will need to select the radio option “Approve Suppliers”. Don’t forget to click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Under the Supplier Database, new supplier profiles with a yellow circle next to it will indicate they are “Pending Approval”. Only users who have their permission set to approve suppliers, found under the “Suppliers & Customers” section of a user’s permission, will be able to approve these suppliers. In addition, at least one user must have this permission granted to them in order for this status to appear on a supplier’s profile.

Any user with the ability to approve suppliers will have an indicator on their dashboard showing that they have a supplier or multiple suppliers pending approval. Only one of the users that have permission to approve suppliers will need to approve. Once one user approves, no one else can approve.



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