Resolving Quickbooks Error Code 8004041A

What to do when setting up the integration with Quickbooks Desktop and you get the following error:

8004041A – This application does not have permission to access this QuickBooks company data file.  The QuickBooks Administrator can grant access permission through the QuickBooks Edit menu -> Preferences -> Integrated Applications preference, Company Preferences tab.

Resolving Error Code 8004041A

Open QuickBooks with the correct company file, logged in as the QuickBooks Administrator and in single-user mode.  You must have Administrator privileges to perform the functions described below. From the top QuickBooks menu; choose Edit, Preferences, scroll to Integrated Applications, and choose the Company Preferences Tab.  If the program (Tradogram) is not listed, exit the Preferences section and run the program again, granting permissions, as shown below.

If the application (Tradogram) is present, make sure that the top two boxes on this screen are not checked. Below these checkboxes is a box listing applications that have requested access to your QuickBooks company file.

For Tradogram: make sure that there is a checkmark under the “Allow Access” column, highlight the application name and click on the Properties button.  In this window, you will want to make sure “Allow this application to access this company file” is checked and “Allow this application to login automatically” is also checked.  The “Login as” drop-down box should be set to Admin or someone with the same privileges as the Admin.



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