How can supplier negotiations be managed on Tradogram?

Supplier negotiations are managed through the “Request” feature, which acts as a management tool for sourcing events. Users are able to list the items (goods and/or services) that they require before inviting one or more suppliers to bid.

Suppliers do not need to sign up for a Tradogram account in order to participate in negotiations for a sourcing event. Suppliers are provided with an email which contains a link to a secure page where their offer can be completed, including the attachment of any external files, before their counter offer is submitted for review. Subsequent counter offers can then be sent from the user back the supplier, a back and forth process which continues until a final agreement is reached.

A discussion room is also available as an additional tool for negotiating directly with suppliers through instant messaging on the Tradogram platform (accessible to suppliers through the secure email link they receive, without the necessity of an account).



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