What is the “Require Supplier Acceptance” checkbox used for?

When a user chooses the “Require Supplier Acceptance” checkbox in the creation of a PO, the supplier will be required to confirm they have received and accepted the PO.

Once the supplier accepts the PO, an alert notification will be sent back to the user who created the PO. If you choose this option, the supplier will be required to confirm acceptance of the PO in order for the status to change to issued and allow the user to be able to add deliveries and reconcile invoices.

If you used that option on a PO and the supplier is not able to accept it, for any reason, you will need to cancel the PO and clone it. That’s the only way around that requirement for the supplier to accept it from their end. Make sure to only use that feature when you know for a fact that the supplier will be accepting it on their end.



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