How can sales orders be sent to a customer?

Sales orders can be sent to customers through Tradogram. However, at this time, customers will be required to create a free Tradogram account and connect with the supplier’s Tradogram account in order to receive those sales orders.

Once the sales portal is activated and after a customer has connected with the supplier’s account (the one issuing the sales orders) on Tradogram:

  1. If the sales view is not already toggled, click on “Dashboard” in the toolbar on the left, and part way down the page, select “Toggle Purchasing/Sales View”
  2. Click on “Transactions” from the toolbar on the left, and select “Sales Orders”
  3. Select the “Create Sales Quote” option from the top right of the sales order overview screen
  4. Provide a sales quote title, add items to the quote, and provide quantity/pricing details. Select “Done Editing” follow by “Next” once the details are entered
  5. Add additional order details (optional), select the customer’s account from the “Customers” panel, and select a point of contact from the dropdown menu
  6. Click the “Send Sales Quote” button to issue the sales quote to the customer

The customer will receive a notification when the sales quote is received, and will be able to directly respond to the document through the system.



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