What are the different types of user groups and roles? What do they each do?

User roles are a set of predefined user permissions – this is the only function that user roles currently serve. Adjustments to individual user permissions can be made after assigning a role to a user, but assigning a user role will completely override any previous permission settings that were configured. The user roles are as follows:

  • General – Most features disabled by default. Recommended for newly added users.
  • Sales – All sales features are given by default and can’t be changed for free sales users.
  • Purchaser – All purchasing features are given by default.
  • Purchaser & Sales – Both purchasing and sales features are given by default.
  • Requisitioner – Only requisitions features are given, all other features are disabled.
  • Approver – Only given permission to approve.
  • Auditor – Only given permission to view everything without the ability to edit or change anything.
  • Branch Admin – Given full access to all features, except for managing multiple branches (these users can only assigned to manage one branch).
  • Company Admin – Given all permissions and the ability to set/change other user’s permissions.



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