What are fillable form templates used for?

Fillable forms are a feature that can be used with various other features on the system, including requisitions, requests, and supplier profiles. Once a fillable form template is established, users that work with the supported features will have the option to attach a form template to the applicable transactions, documents, and/or profiles. The information to be included in the form is determined during the creation of the form template.

For example, a fillable form template might have fields that request the details of a product, a negotiation process to be followed, a review of supplier performance, and/or a final quote from a supplier. Any number of rows can be added to a fillable form template to request specific information.

In the case of fillable form templates for requests, a side-by-side comparison of the requested information received from different sources can be viewed in the request’s comparison table. To view a comparison of fillable form template responses from a request:

  1. Click “Transactions” from the toolbar on the left, and select “Requests”
  2. Click on a request that has received at least one response that included a fillable form template response
  3. Select “Compare Offers” from the bottom left of the request overview
  4. Click on “Fillable Form Comparison”



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