Where is the sales portal/how can the sales portal be enabled or activated?

To enable and access the sales portal on Tradogram:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen, and select “Manage Company”
  2. Select the “Company Profile” tab from the panel on the left
  3. Set the “Use Tradogram for” dropdown field to “Both purchases and sales”
  4. Click “Save Company” at the bottom right to confirm and update the company’s settings
  5. Click on “Dashboard” in the toolbar on the left to navigate to the main dashboard screen

On the main dashboard, a “Toggle Purchasing/Sales View” option should be available part way down the screen. Use this option to switch between the purchasing and sales portals on the system.

As a note, please keep in mind that the sales portal on Tradogram is currently in development, and that at this time, customers will require an account to be issued sales orders through the system.



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