What are the different available options under email settings used for?

There a several different email settings options that each user can configure for their own account:

  • The “Add an email address to CC all your emails to:” option allows emails that are sent through the Tradogram system by the associated user’s email address to always send a copy of those emails to the specified email address.
  • The “Send me an email when an alert is received.” option will cause any alerts that are configured to appear in the “Alerts” section at the top right of the screen to also send an email notification to the email address associated with the Tradogram user’s account
  • The “Send me an email when my transactions reach the due date.” option will send an email notification to the user’s associated email address whenever a transaction or other document is moved to the “Overdue” panel on the main dashboard. The “Overdue” status is determined by the due date which can be entered for a variety of different transactions and features on the Tradogram system



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