How can I evaluate or review suppliers?

Option One:

You can evaluate or review a supplier once a purchase order is closed; a box will appear that says “Submit Supplier Review”. Once you click on this box you can evaluate the supplier on the Quality of the goods or services delivered, the Documents provided, and the Timing of the delivery.

All evaluations will be logged under the Evaluations tab in the supplier’s profile and a running average based on all evaluations will be logged in the supplier database next to the supplier’s name. This average will also appear in each Request when comparing offers side by side for you to take into consideration when choosing which supplier(s) to award the transaction to.

This function can be assigned to specific users under their permissions. Choose a user profile to edit and scroll down to Purchase Orders where you will find a radio button to all or deny and select “Complete Supplier Evaluation”.

Option Two:

You can also create your own evaluation forms, they’re ideal for regular due diligence that might need to be done on suppliers. To create your own forms, you will need to go under your branch settings and click on the “Fillable Forms” tab. Choose type “Supplier” and create a form. You will be able to then go under any supplier and complete and attach one of these forms on their profile.



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