What information and response options exist for suppliers when they receive a request?

When a supplier opens a request sent to them through the Tradogram system, they’ll be provided with a number of options for responding to the request:

  • The “Make/Edit Offer” button allows suppliers to enter and edit information for each line item in the request, as well as information about the terms of the agreement. Suppliers can also attach external files to each line item, or to the entire request. Fields that were locked during the creation of the request cannot be interacted with or altered in any way by the supplier
  • Any “Unit Price” and or “Unit Quantity” fields that are left blank when the request is issued will become mandatory fields that suppliers must enter a value for before the request response can be finalized and sent back to the buyer for review
  • If a fillable form is attached to a request, suppliers can respond to the form by clicking the “Make/Edit Offer” button, and then selecting the “Complete Fillable Form” option
  • If the discussion room option is enabled for a request, suppliers can click the “View Discussion Room” option at the top right of the request window to enter comments through live chat messaging. All conversations will be saved in the discussion room window for future review by the involved parties

Suppliers can also review the following information (and make adjustments to it if these fields are not locked):

  • Currency that the request will be processed with
  • Delivery addresses and dates for each line item
  • Item descriptions, specification files, and custom fieldset information
  • Terms and conditions for the agreement
  • Attached external files
  • Request name, request identification number, and address information for the buyer and supplier (this information is unique in that it is determined when the request is created – the option does not exist for either party to make adjustments to it once the request is created)

Once suppliers have entered their information, the request response can be sent by clicking on the “Send Offer” button. If a supplier doesn’t wish to participate in the received request, the “Decline Request” option can be selected instead.



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