Why must a department/GL account/project be selected during the creation of a requisition?

Department, GL account, and project selections are not forced/required fields by default. To mark these fields as mandatory for users who create transactions (as a branch administrator):

  1. Click on the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen, and select “Manage Branch”
  2. Select “Branch Profile” from the panel on the left
  3. Check off the desired options, which may include the following:
  4. “Users must select a department when adding items onto an order.”
  5. “Users must select a GL account when adding items onto an order.”
  6. “Users must select a project when adding items onto an order.”
  7. Click on the “Save Branch” button at the bottom right to confirm and update the branch’s settings

Selecting a department, GL account, or project during the creation of a requisition will tie that document and all subsequent transactions to those selections. This is useful for several reasons:

  • If a budget or report is created in the future, the expenditure from the requisition will be tied to the selected department, GL account, and/or project.
  • If an approval is set for a selected department designated users can be set to receive a notification when the requisition is approved for those selections.
  • During the creation of a requisition, only items that are associated with a selected department will appear as available database options for order on the requisition.



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