What is the Default Unit of Measurement (UOM) section, and what should I enter/select for “Unit Label”, “Unit Amount”, and “Unit”?

Unit of measure is abbreviated as “UOM”. This section is divided into three parts (unit label, unit amount, and unit) to allow flexibility in how items (goods or services) are listed in your database, and how they appear in created transactions.

For example, if your item is a light bulb, you might have a UOM that reads “Box, 4 each” – indicating that the item is a box containing 4 light bulbs. In the example UOM description of “Box, 4 each”, each of the UOM sections would be configured as:

  • Unit Label – Box (Describing what the good or service is “contained” within, and appearing first in the UOM)
  • Unit Amount – 4 (Indicating the quantity of the good or service being ordered)
  • Unit – Each (A preset, dropdown selection of choices, used to define the item depending on what the best term to define the item happens to be)

As a note, please pay careful attention to the “Unit” selection for th



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