What can be done if a purchase order is sent to a supplier, but it isn’t received by them?

From the left hand column of options on an issued purchase order, the “Resend to Supplier” button can be used to resend an order to the supplier for review.

If a different email is required for a supplier prior to sending the purchase order, the supplier’s contact details in their profile can be updated. To update a supplier profile (with access permission granted to do so):

  1. Select “Suppliers” from the toolbar on the left
  2. Click on a supplier to open the corresponding profile window
  3. Click on the “Edit” option from the top right
  4. In the right hand column of options, enter a new email address for one or more supplier contacts
  5. Click the “Save Supplier” button in the bottom right to confirm and update the supplier’s contact details

If the “Require Supplier Confirmation” checkbox was selected upon initially sending the purchase order to the supplier, this selection cannot be reversed. In a case where confirmation is no longer required, the “Clone P.O.” option can be used to create a duplicate version of the purchase order.

Once a cloned version of the purchase order exists, use the “Cancel P.O.” option on the original purchase order to prevent that document from affecting budget and transaction records, and to prevent further actions from being taken on the cancelled document.



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