Why didn’t the stock of the item that was ordered increase in number when a delivery of that item was booked in?

A reorder point is a threshold that determines whether an item is low on supply. In the inventory view, item stock numbers will turn red when they reach the reorder point threshold, and green if they’re above the threshold. To set reorder point values for an item:

  1. Click on the “Inventory” tab from the toolbar on the left, and select “Stock Levels”
  2. Click on an inventory stock item to open its profile
  3. Click on the “Set Reorder Points” button at the bottom of the stock item profile
  4. Enter a reorder point for one or more distribution locations. The reorder point can be reset for a distribution location by deleting the numerical value from that location’s field
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button to confirm and update the reorder points for the stock item

Once that’s done, by clicking on “Inventory” in the left toolbar and then selecting “Reorder Report”, a requisition can be populated automatically for any inventory that’s below the configured reorder points.



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