How can custom purchase order serial number be configured?

The branch’s purchase order numbering system will need to be configured to have those documents numbered automatically. To do this:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen and select “Manage Branch”
  2. Go under “Branch Profile” and make sure “Use Custom PO Numbering” is enabled.
  3. Select “Custom PO Number” from the panel on the left
  4. Enter a static (non-changing) naming prefix in the first text field
  5. Enter an initial serial number which will increment by a single digit every time a purchase order is created in the second text field
  6. Enter the number of digits to be used in the numbering convention. Any digits that are not used by the incremental serial number will be filled with padding zeros. (For example, if the naming prefix is “Example”, the current purchase order number is “123”, and the number of digits is set to 5, then the purchase order number would read as “Example-00123”)
  7. Click “Update” to save the branch’s purchase order numbering settings.

Here are some additional notes about configuring custom purchase order numbers:

  • Each branch has its own purchase order serial numbering system.
  • The system will only assign a serial number to a purchase order after that purchase order has been created.
  • The “PO Numbers Used” section (if present) refers to purchase orders that have been previously created by using a different custom purchase order numbering convention.
  • The “PO Numbers Skipped” section (if present) refers to purchase orders that have been previously skipped, due to a manual adjustment being made to the incremental serial number sequence. (For example, if the current number is “100”, and the number is manually adjusted to “150”, numbers 100-149 would be skipped)



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