What is the “Manage Custom Fields” option used for/how can custom fieldsets for items be created?

The “Manage Custom Fields” option (found under the “Actions” panel to the left of the item listing overview page) allows custom fieldsets to be created for use with items that are added to transactions.

To add a custom fieldset that can be associated with items during transaction creation:

  1. Click on “Items” from the toolbar on the left
  2. Click on “Manage Custom Fields” from the “Actions” panel on the left
  3. Select the “Add New Fieldset” option from the top right
  4. Enter a name for the fieldset. As a recommendation, create an intuitive name that allows users to quickly identify which types of items the fieldset should be used for (for example, “Film Equipment Details” or “Custom Measurements for Construction Supplies”)
  5. Create custom fields for the fieldset. These text fields will appear as a title in the leftmost column of the custom fieldset table, with an empty text field provided beside each title for users to populate with data (for example, for the dimensions of construction equipment, custom fieldset titles might include “length”, “width”, and “height”)
  6. Click “Save Fieldset” to confirm and create the new fieldset

Once a custom fieldset is created, it will be selectable by users during transaction creation. On step 1 of creating a transaction, in the item table, users can click the “Edit” button under the “Custom Fields” column to add a custom fieldset template to individual line items on the transaction.

Custom fieldset information will be available for review by any party viewing the document, including other Tradogram users and suppliers to whom the transaction is forwarded to.



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